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Free Pattern Friday! Winter Plush Charms

Hi everyone! In preparation for the holidays I made these super simple little plushies that work perfectly as either ornaments or charms 😀 You can hang them from your keys or attach them to your bag. Of course for the winter I just had to dress them up in little scarves, but you could easily leave it off so the finished plush looks more like an original character you might have in mind.
The pattern has very few pieces and incredibly simple, so someone who had maybe sewn one or two projects in the past could tackle it. And to keep with the chilly theme, the pattern has templates for an arctic fox, a polar bear, an arctic hare, and a white fluffy kitty. With all the templates to use one of them is bound to be great for your creation. I hope you all enjoy it!

This project is part of the Sew a Softie winter initiative to help encourage adults and kids to learn to sew! There are lots of other sites participating in the initiative as well. The holidays are a great time to get together with friends and try some new projects!


A New Book! Bling it Up! Debuts

Bling It Up!: Super Cute Craft Techniques to Add Decoden Sparkle to Phone Cases, Purses, Jewelry & More

Bling It Up!: Super Cute Craft Techniques to Add Decoden Sparkle to Phone Cases, Purses, Jewelry & More

For all of you that have been wondering about my absence for the last few months, I can finally divulge some details – I’ve been writing books! So I do apologize for being gone for so long and hardly updating at all x_x But I am still here, and I’ve been working on even more projects that you’ll soon hear about just like this one 😀

Bling it Up! is the book that released most recently, and it’s filled with 16 over-the-top decoden projects. What’s decoden you may be wondering? It’s a craft that’s huge in Japan and basically translates to “phone decoration,” but it can apply to lots of other personal belongings too. It consists of covering your phone with loads of over-the-top glittery and whimsical items like rhinestones, jewelry findings, cabochons, and other trinkets, some of which are applied with fluffy ‘whippy’ frosting to make your items look like a big mound of cake >w< That's not to say that decoden hasn't been around in the US before now — a lot of awesome artists have shared their decoden creations on the internet. But what’s so great is that until recently, you needed to buy silicon bathroom sealant to achieve the whipped frosting look for your decoden pieces, but Mod Podge recently came out with their own frosting adhesive called Collage Clay – it’s non-toxic, comes in two colors, and is much more user friendly!

Making this book was a load of fun because I got to play around with so many trinkets and clay food. You’ll find projects inside that range from simple rhinestone decorated items to all-out frosted goodness. There’s inspiration for several cell phone case ideas, journals, tablet cases, boxes, and the like. The beginning section also goes into how to sculpt different foods with polymer clay, like macarons, ice cream scoops, and Pocky. It’s a short book at only 48 pages, but it’s really chock full of tips, techniques, and projects that should jumpstart some ideas for you 😀
If decoden sounds like something you might enjoy, I hope you’ll give it a look!

In the meantime, I have to keep working x_x But know that I’ll be back very soon to let you know about more of the projects I’ve got going! Thank you all for your continued support!

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Freebie Friday! The Catbug Charm


Something different today! My wonderful boyfriend and photographer, Matt, is doing today’s tutorial ^-^ I was just a tad backed up so he swooped in to help out and share what he knows with you guys! He’s a 3D artist but also loves working in clay, so he thought a really fun project would be to show you all how to make this simple Catbug charm! If any of you haven’t seen the Bravest Warriors cartoon yet, I highly recommend it >w< Catbug is about the cutest little guy on the show. So if you think you can make some simple clay geometric shapes and have some polymer clay on hand you can give this guy a go!

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