Free Pattern Friday! Winter Plush Charms

Hi everyone! In preparation for the holidays I made these super simple little plushies that work perfectly as either ornaments or charms 😀 You can hang them from your keys or attach them to your bag. Of course for the winter I just had to dress them up in little scarves, but you could easily leave it off so the finished plush looks more like … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday! Winter Plush Charms

A New Book! Bling it Up! Debuts

For all of you that have been wondering about my absence for the last few months, I can finally divulge some details – I’ve been writing books! So I do apologize for being gone for so long and hardly updating at all x_x But I am still here, and I’ve been working on even more projects that you’ll soon hear about just like this one … Continue reading A New Book! Bling it Up! Debuts

Freebie Friday! The Catbug Charm


Something different today! My wonderful boyfriend and photographer, Matt, is doing today’s tutorial ^-^ I was just a tad backed up so he swooped in to help out and share what he knows with you guys! He’s a 3D artist but also loves working in clay, so he thought a really fun project would be to show you all how to make this simple Catbug charm! If any of you haven’t seen the Bravest Warriors cartoon yet, I highly recommend it >w< Catbug is about the cutest little guy on the show. So if you think you can make some simple clay geometric shapes and have some polymer clay on hand you can give this guy a go!

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