The Nyancat Quilt-along Week 3


Moving right along! Today we’re doing more stars ^-^ specifically section A1, which is the top part of the quilt above the pop tart.
035 - Floppy Disk Coasters

If you need to catch up:
Week 1 we covered materials
and Week 2 we did section C1 – the top left corner of the quilt

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The Nyan Cat Quilt-along Week 2

So here we go, hopefully you have your supplies (at least the weeks 2-5 supplies) – we start sewing today!
As you might remember from week 1, we’re not doing this quilt pixel by pixel, but rather block by block to save both time and fabric. Today we’re sewing section C1; that’s the star in the upper left corner of the quilt 😀

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The Nyan Cat Quilt-along! It begins!


I brought the pixel quilting back! As I said before with the Heart Piece Pillow Cover, I really loved the process of making quilted projects to mimic pixels, so I went for it again 😀 The Nyan Cat notebook just didn’t seem like enough love for this kitty, so I thought I’d try making a quilt ^-^ It’s a huge project, and it took me quite a while to get it all together, so I thought the best way to go about it was to make a quiltalong! I thought every week I would go over a different section of the quilt, and after a few months we’ll have a finished quilt! It’s a pretty slow pace, but it makes it perfect for people who don’t have a lot of time to quilt 😀

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Freebie Friday! The Power-up Quilt Blocks

The pixel art is back! If you all remember the Heart Piece Pillow Cover, you’ll remember my love of all things 8-bit >w< I’ve been itching to make something pixely again so I gave it another go! With some leftover light blue fabric I thought maybe I could get some quilt-block sized squares to resemble the items panel from Super Mario Brothers 3. Granted of course the items in that panel didn’t include a 1-up and a coin x3 but I had to make the items that my fabric stash would allow.

The pixels would have been far too small to make the blocks pieced, so I assembled the icons with appliqué instead 😀 I think it was a bit quicker than piecing all the little squares together, but I wouldn’t say one method is better than another 🙂 For large pixels I think squares are still a fun way to go. Maybe I’ll revisit these blocks later and make more ^-^ enough for a full quilt!

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