Choly Knight

Sew Desu Ne?

The Monthly Crafting Challenge

Are you up for a year-long challenge? With the promise of cute sewing patterns? Then read on!

★ How to start: ★
To earn your FIRST sewing pattern, sign up for email updates to my blog (through the sign up bar on the right side of the screen). As thanks for subscribing to my blog I’ll send you ONE legendary animal plush sewing pattern!

(You’ll be getting an email from, so check your spam folder if necessary. Also keep in mind that if you follow me through WordPress your email won’t get sent to me. So you can email me to get the ball rolling if necessary.)

★ Already signed up? ★
Every month on the 1st I announce a new pattern prize that’s up for grabs. So to earn ADDITIONAL sewing patterns beyond your one-time freebie, I give you my challenge!

You can earn ANOTHER plush pattern by making projects from my blog, my books, or my Etsy. Then email or message the pictures to my Facebook page (so I can respond back with the .pdf :D).

★ The year-long challenge: ★
So with this system, just send me photos of your projects when you want the current month’s pattern ^-^ You can wait to participate until you see a pattern you like or collect every pattern for the whole year! It’s as simple as that! Make cute stuff, get free patterns!

If you want to catch up on previous months, you can find past patterns for sale in my Etsy store for a very reasonable price.
There’s also the collection of punny food animals from 2015, Japanese snack foods from 2014, and the sushi plush patterns from 2013!

So there you have it! My challenge to you for the year of 2016, make something super cute every month and I’ll reward you handsomely😀
Still have more questions? Perhaps the FAQ can help you out!

Check out the prize for this month!

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200 thoughts on “The Monthly Crafting Challenge

  1. Hello there! I signed up on the 7th, but I still haven’t received the werewolf pattern? Thanks for your time!🙂

  2. Tolle Anleitungen

  3. So wounderful sewing patterns!

    I’m Just a bit sad I only found it now. The others are also so cute!

  4. I want to make the Werewolf Pattern. I´m new on your blog. Thanks for the free Pattern in Oktober .

  5. I also signed up for the emails and didn’t receive the wolf pattern. Can you send it directly to my email?

  6. Hello, I signed up for the emails and didn’t receive the wolf pattern.😦

  7. My English is not really good sorry. Can I have the pattern to the challenge please?

  8. I am new to this wordpress stuff and I wanted to ask if I have subscribed.

  9. Super Anleitungen🙂

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