You’ve stumbled upon a relic! The Monthly Crafting Challenge was a feature I ran on my blog from 2013-2016ish. Every year I created 12 different sewing patterns with a common theme. Every month I would unveil a new pattern and offer it for free for those who subscribed to my site that month or sent in photos of things they’ve created with my patterns.
The challenge is now over, but you can still purchase the old patterns from my Etsy store. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

In 2013 I kicked off the challenge with plush sushi patterns, here are some of the best ones:

In 2014 I kept the Japanese food theme going with other Japanese snacks, here are some of the best ones:

In 2015 I wanted to combine food and animals in as many ways as possible. In some cases with a pun! Here are some of the best ones:

In 2016 I did more animals with a twist by tackling legendary creatures. It was my most successful year by far and I stretched it another month to celebrate. Here’s the full collection of 13:

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    1. Ja, das ist das Muster nur für neue Abonnenten 🙂 Aber wenn Sie in einem Foto von etwas schicken Sie mit einem meiner Muster gemacht habe kann ich diese zu schicken!

    1. Es tut mir leid Sie nicht erhalten Muster! Ich habe Ihre E-Mail nicht auf meine Teilnehmerliste, dann aber manchmal tut WordPress mich so fehl. Vielen Dank für die Überprüfung nach oben drauf, damit ich Sie Ihr Muster zu bekommen, und danken Ihnen für Ihr Verständnis! 🙂
      Ich habe das Muster an die E-Mail mit diesem Kommentar verbunden – ich hoffe, Sie erhalten es gut!

  1. Hi
    Id love to sign up but forgive me for being blonde but i cant see where i can.
    I love the december pattern but im in love with september unicorns …. weve all be converted by my 5 year old granddaughter …. its unicorn all the way!
    Please help with where i go to.

    1. So sorry you’re having trouble! There’s a little box on the side of the screen that says “Follow blog via email” where you can input your email address. It sometimes has trouble showing up on mobile, so I can do it for you manually if you like!

  2. Hi there! I made subscription to your blog, yet I didn’t got any pattern 😞 When I tried send an email I had trouble sending it. Probably my email agent don’t work well so I send you a message here.

  3. Hi! I so love your patterns and tutorials. I made some custom cthulu plushies from your pattern and they were a huge success! Thanks for that. Now I have problem. I followed your blog, but I didn’t got any pattern : O Can you help me with this??

    1. Hello! Thank you for the kind words about my work! I’m so glad the Cthulhu plushies went well 😀
      I got your subscription just fine too 🙂 The pattern was sent out a little bit ago, so hopefully you received it with no problem!

  4. Hab mich jetzt auch angemeldet. Finde die kleinen sooo niedlich und würde sie gern nähen. Wann bekommt man das Muster?

  5. Hallo Ich bin Neu hier. Ich hab Ihre Tiere immer wieder gesehen und nach den Schnittmustern Gesucht. Hab mich eben bis zu dieser seite durchgekämpf ^^ gerne möchte ich so Viele wie möglich Nachbasteln ^^ gerne möchte ich das aktuelle Schnittmuster und dan Step by Step di Restlichen vom Ganzen Jahr. wsürde mich Risig freuen wenn es bald klappen würde Danke viel mal für Ihre tolle Arbeit

  6. I just made your bat plushie for my son! I like to make all my kids a homemade gift for Christmas every year. I just signed up and u am beyond in love with the jackalope plushie! Thank you for these super cute patterns!

  7. Hi! Are you going to continue the Monthly Crafting Challenge in 2017? I just found your blog in October, so I hope you will! 😄 Thank you for these inspiring patterns!

    1. Unfortunately no 🙁 I’ve been keeping the challenge going for 4 years and it’s gotten bigger than I can handle now, haha 🙂
      I still plan on releasing free patterns like I usually do and offering more complex patterns for sale as well!

    1. Unfortunately I’ve ended the challenges after 4 long years 🙂 I’ve extended the 2016 collection into January to celebrate, and next month I’ll be running a contest and a giveaway ♥

  8. Hello. I made subscription to your blog, I didn’t got Dragon Sitting with Horns Tail Spikes. Your plushies are amazing!

  9. I LOVED this years theme!!! XD I can’t wait to see your theme for this year!!! XD I with you could just take all your plushies and release a book with all of them!!!! or a lot of them!!! XD

    1. Ich bin froh, dass Sie die Fledermaus! Wenn Sie es schaffen würden, mir ein Foto von Ihrer fertigen Fledermaus zu schicken, werde ich Ihnen gerne das Drachenmuster schicken!

  10. Are you doing this again for 2017? I hate that I missed out on 2016 🙁 And can I start with the free one to try it out? Or do I need to buy one to start in on the challenge? Either way… Just wanting to get in on the fun!!!

    1. Unfortunately no, 2017 was the last year :/ I’d been doing it for 4 years straight so I couldn’t keep up with the ever-increasing demand! If you sign up for the newsletter or send in a photo of something you’ve made from one of my patterns you can get a hold of the last pattern though!

    1. Es tut mir leid, dass Sie nicht bekommen Ihr Muster! Ich habe nicht sehen, Ihre E-Mail auf meinem Abonnenten Liste, aber dann manchmal WordPress mich nicht so. Danke für das Prüfen auf ihm, also kann ich Ihnen Ihr Muster erhalten und danke für Ihr Verständnis! Aufrechtzuerhalten.
      Ich habe das Muster an die E-Mail-Adresse gesendet, die mit diesem Kommentar verknüpft ist. Ich hoffe du genießt es!

  11. I totally fall in love with all your patterns. Last year I made the bat and the sugar skull kitty <3
    Now I suscribe to your blog and I can't wait for the sitting dragon patterns

    Greetings for Chile!

  12. Regina Prödiger

    hallo, ich finde die Sache. echt toll genial ! Wie kommt man zu dem Schnittmuster ? Bitte um Info bzw Kontaktaufnahme. Lieben Dank Regina ,😀

  13. Wonderfull ! i found out your website with thoses lovely patterns from Pinterest and thx to that, i will soon sew the owl plush for my mum’s bithday.
    I wish i knew the Monthly Crafting Challenge berore it ends ! Nevermind, i’ll post some photos when my plush will be finished ! Thx again for this amazing patterns !

    Kiss from France !

  14. I am new and your site states that I get one dragon pattern for free. Is that still true? If so my address is Diana L Burris, 123 Jett St, Apt.B4, Hillsville, Virginia24343.

    Thank you in advance!!!

  15. Um… hey so I have been trying a bunch of your patterns and really like them…. I would love it if you could send me like printed copies of the patterns… I don’t have a printer. Also please make more free patterns. I love them all.

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