Freebie Friday! Bow Clutch


I have been seeing so many cute pouches with a bow motif on the sewing blogs over the past year! Whether they have bows attached or the pouch becomes a bow itself, it’s really common theme and I just love all of them. I thought I would add my own version to the dialogue with this little pouch here. I made a few versions but the ones I liked best were out of satin, which seemed fitting because it looks like these babies would make good bridesmaid or prom clutches – at least something cute to bring to a special occasion. Whatever fabric you decide to use, I would definitely recommend it be solid or from a small print. I tried these with a large print and the motifs just get lost in the folds of the bow, so you can’t really tell what’s going on.

The step-by-step photos I think make the clutch look harder than it really is, and it’s easy to get disoriented and forget what goes where. I would suggest using labels that point which side is up and which side is the right side if you get confused after glancing through instructions before getting started.


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Freebie Friday! Box Pouch


This project came about for the same reasons as the Ruffled Pouch. I could use a new place to store my toiletries and makeup in preparation for the next time I go traveling, and I’m trying out different shapes and sizes to see what works out best for me 😀 There are a lot of tutorials for similar kind of pouches out there, but I made mine with a certain size in mind, and also something that I could make with French seams so the lining is all sewn in place with no raw edges. Maybe this method will also work out for you!


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Freebie Friday! Ruffled Pouch Pattern


If you’ve been to this blog more than a few times you might already know the main reason why I post all these free tutorials; I’m desperately trying to bring down my fabric stash! Earlier in 2013 I tackled my stash of heavyweight fabrics, and now I’ve moved onto my quilting cottons. Which means only one thing: patchwork! So a lot of the projects I have planned to post over the next few months involve patchwork of some kind, and this pouch is just a small taste.

When I visited Metrocon earlier in July, I found I was very much in need of some new pouches to store and organize little things like toiletries and makeup. I’m not entirely sure what kind of pouch would suit me best, so I’m having fun experimenting with different shapes and sizes 😀 Hence this little number. This simple pouch has a subtly curved shape, but what gives it its depth is a bit of gathering at the bottom. I’ve chipped away at my stash of lining fabrics by giving it a thin polyester lining that’s sewn in via a French seam.


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