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Free Pattern Friday! Teto Plush

Hi everyone!
I’ve got another Ghibli inspired character to add to my collection! Fans of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind or Laputa Castle in the Sky hopefully recognize this adorable little fox squirrel. This cute creature has a lot of markings on his body, so I decided to keep things simple by using a flat, beanie style body. It also features big ears with accent tips, a striped tail, and a sweet little neck ruff.
The flat body makes it perfect for machine embroidery, and so to suit several hoop sizes I created a large and small version of Teto! One is about 8″ long and fits 6″ x 10″ hoops, and the other is 6″ long and fits 5″ x 7″ or 4″ x 4″ hoops. Of course the pattern comes with applique templates so you can make it with a regular sewing machine instead. If you’re doing applique, the large size is much easier, but at least the small version is there for variety!
The ears are sewn angled so they look more 3D, which is likely the hardest part of the plush. Everything else is rather basic if you’ve had a little experience with other plush patterns. For all of that, I rated it a 3/10.
I hope you all like it!

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Holiday Sale! And New Squirrel Beanie Plush Pattern!

Hello everyone!
I heard from some that they missed my Thanksgiving sale, so I thought I’d run one more sale of the year for those last-minute holiday shoppers ♥

Everything is 10% off, and this time around all small, stocking stuffer kind of items are 20% off 😀 And that’s to celebrate my latest pattern that should be great for a quick gift!

These cute squirrels and sugar gliders! It’s a classic beanie-style plush with a body that’s filled with poly pellets. It makes it tons of fun for tossing around or just holding in your hand.
The twist I’ve given these is that the pieces are super-optimized! If you plan to make these to sell or give, they go really quickly because there’s almost no hand-sewing. It’s only the spot under the neck that needs to be sewn up to close these plushies.

And because they are so tiny, appliqueing the face is even more of a challenge than usual. Safety eyes would of course be a great alternative, but I thought it fair to include some embroidered eyes with the pattern at no extra cost. They fit 4″ x 4″ hoops so no one is left out!

This new pattern will be 30% off during the sale to celebrate the launch! I hope you’ll give it a look if you think it would make a nice gift for someone ♥ And if you snagged a copy, I hope you enjoy it!
Happy holidays everyone!