Mermaid Quilt Quilt-along! Week 2

WEEK 2: Mermaid applique block #1! In week 1 we covered the gathering and cutting your fabrics. This week we begin appliqueing all the blocks! Since there is so much to applique for this quilt, I’ve broken down exactly how I do it for this first week. Then you can just rinse and repeat for the following weeks 😀 1. Print & trim the pattern. … Continue reading Mermaid Quilt Quilt-along! Week 2

Mermaid Quilt Quilt-along! It Begins!

Mermaid Quilt

I made a new quilt this year! Specifically it was a birthday gift for my boyfriend’s co-worker’s daughter, a sweet little girl who is currently in love with mermaids! Since I just had a few weeks until her birthday, I thought I could make something simple out of some Disney Little Mermaid fabric. But sadly I couldn’t find any at my local Joann’s. So immediately I got an artistic itch and said that I would just draw my own mermaids! So here we have the result 😀 a simple and modern quilt made of 9 blocks: 5 of mermaids in their own unique cameo frames and 4 of different sea life.

Now that the quilt-along is over, you can download the whole pattern via .pdf here:



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