Welcome to my Free Pattern section! Here you’ll find projects of all different types that reflect my love of kawaii things. I like to share patterns that are beginner-friendly so newbies can try out sewing without a lot of risk, patterns for established characters since they don’t infringe on the creator, and patterns that are experimental and unusual so maybe we can both learn something from them. Enjoy your browsing! difficulty-rating

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    1. oh yes please! I’m making the animals relating to my family Chinese year of birth. Stuck for a goat pattern for my son.

  1. i love your desings always help when need a gift , could you do a pattern for lilo and stich the blue one and the pink one my niece keeps asking love your work

      1. Hey Choly. Dont know how to write a comments, so i had to reply to the comments you made 21st of May. Sorry if that are to many suggestions but here they are;
        Western zodiac signs or/and warrior cats or/and SCP 049. Your pattern are amazing🤩

      1. Could you possibly make a Jack Sally and zero plushie pattern? My 9month old loves the Nightmare before Christmas!!

  2. Hi Choly I know I comment a lot but I was wondering could you do 2 things? 1. a warrior cats plush, I can’t find any cute ones and I think if you made one it would be my prise possesion. 2. Can you make a Rockruff from Pokemon go sun and moon? oh and do you have any new polls? Thanks! you’re the best!

    1. Thank you for the suggestions! I have them noted down so I’ll consider them for the future 😊 I don’t have any new polls at the moment, but I’ll likely start a new one later this year ♥

    2. CookieTheKittypet

      YES!!! WARRIOR CATS!!! I can’t find any good one either! And your patterns are AMAZING, so it would be great if you made one.

  3. Ruth hurtado pinilla

    Hola me encantaron tus diseños y la gran oportunidad que das de descargarlo… Me a ido muy bien cpn el t-rex a todos les encantan… Gracias igual me gustaría mas de alguno por pagar pero nose como comprarlos… Los quiero todos 🤩🤩🤩

  4. Hi Choly! Me again. I was wondering, do you have a Trico from The Last Guardian? Or can you? Thanks so much it would be the world to me!

  5. Your patterns make such cute gifts (when I complete them, of course ;D) and I’ve learned a lot about sewing and constructing something from them! I do have a request for the future – I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the game The World Ends With You, but one of the characters uses a plushie called Mr. Mew as her battle weapon, and I would LOVE a Mr. Mew pattern! Thanks for any consideration ^^

  6. Thank you so much for all the great free patterns. I am sure to sew some. Why did you choose to give them away for free while you surely could have made money with it? I am really happy to get the chance to sew such cute little things. Could you make a little Amaterasu from the game Ookami?

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and the suggestion! There are many reasons why I give away patterns for free, but the major ones are it gives me a chance to test out techniques and how others react to them before I try them on more complex patterns. And also that I want to give back to the sewing community and give people a leg up if they want to start their own sewing business — like I would have loved to have 15 years ago.

  7. You make such beautiful plushies and detailed patterns, thank you! I would also absolutely love a Naga plush pattern from The Legend of Korra, if possible.

  8. I love your work and I would like to know if by any chance you have a pattern for a giraffe. I checked out your Etsy page but couldn’t find one. Please let me know. Thanks ☺️

    1. Thank you for the kind words! Unfortunately I don’t have a giraffe pattern yet, but it has ranked high on my pattern poll, so I hope to make one soon 😊

  9. Hi! i love ur plush pattern i have recently made the axolotl pattern! i would love to see a dragonair or dratini plush pattern i couldn’t buy from your shop i love your pattern and all your hard work! good job!

  10. Hi, I have a suggestion. With the new Loki series is it possible if u can make a Loki plush or the crocodile with Loki horns. If not can u make any marvel free sewing patterns. 😄

  11. Hi, I’ve been making your plushes for a bit! I just finished making Appa, from Avatar, for my sibling who is obsessed ! I understand you get a lot of suggestions, but I would love it if you look this into consideration! Not sure if you are familiar with the show The Owl House, but there is a beloved character in the show that I think would look great in your style of plushes! His name is King! I would absolutely freak if I saw that you made one, that would be the best! Thank you for reading 🙂

  12. Hi.

    Love your plushies.
    Can you do a pettern for a snow leopard?
    Preferably lying down.

    Hubby loves them and i can’t find a pattern.


  13. My 6yo loves your patterns! He browses through them all to see what I am to make him next, and we are growing quite a collection of Mummy-made animals. A snake pattern would be awesome if you ever get the chance! Thanks so much for all your wonderful tutorials.

  14. How do I find your retired patters please. I stumbled across them once and now I can’t find them. They were awesome. Thankyou very much.

  15. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and your incredible generosity. I just started sewing and got over whelmed by how much everything cost, and struggled to find good patterns that were affordable for practice. Your free patterns really made my day. They are so fun dn so well laid out. The fact that you even include tips and tricks, as well as your embroidery files is astounding. Even with the patterns you sell, they are ridiculously affordable considering the amazing formatting and easy to follow instructions. I hope once I’m better to be able to create my own patterns and plan on passing on your kindness and offering many up for free. So thank you , and keep up the amazing and wonderfully nerdy artwork!

    1. Wow, thank you so much for the kind words! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the patterns and finding them easy to use 💖 I hope you like what’s to come in the future 😊

  16. I would loveeeeee it if you could make a cute hippo.. one boy.. one girl.. hope you feel the same 🤗
    Love ur work!

  17. Hi Chloy not wanting to ask for much but if you could spare any more time could you please make a princess Japanese dragon with a puffy dress I hope I am not asking for much me and my mum are going to the shop to buy some fabrics to make the love dragon plush I love you hard work so much keep it up love Zeke p.s i,m new

  18. Just upcycled old velvet pants and completed a sloth ! Thanks for the pattern, and the super-easy to follow instructions !!!

  19. Hello there! I just want to thank you for your wonderful patterns. They are truly amazing! I have made maybe ten to fifteen of your plushie patterns🥰 I enjoy them a lot. So, my little sister is starting Highschool in a few weeks time, and I was thinking about making a keychain plushie for her new schoolbag. Which of your free plushies would you recommend? I thought the dolphing, shark or seal plushies would work well, but I am not sure if they are too big?? Anyway, have a lovely day and thanks a lot for reading this!!❤️❤️

    1. Hello! I think the seal, shark, or dolphin would be great because they’re simple! But you’re right that they’re a little big. If you have the option to resize them in printing, making them 70% the original size should make them more keychain sized. The Winter Plush charms might also be a good choice, and they’re already keychain sized.
      I hope that helps!

  20. I love your patterns! The instructions are always clear, and not to mention cute and fun. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns!

  21. is flannelette a fine substitute to the recommended fabric to use when making the plushies? it’s all i have at home to work with so i would rather use the materials i have rear her then buys more lol

    1. Hello! You could certainly use it, but the project might not turn out quite like the example. Since usually flannelette doesn’t stretch, it will look more elongated compared to the samples and the curved areas might be more difficult to sew. The best example of this is probably my Panda Memory Bear plush. I make one bear out of several different fabrics (a flannel shirt included) and you can see how it differs between them. I hope that helps!

  22. I love these so much, I can’t decide where to start!!!! One question. Do you have rules about finished items made from your patterns being sold?

      1. Thank you so much! Just bought your Zodiac bundle and they are incredible! I’m going to use them to try and create my kids’ favorite Animal Crossing villagers. 😍 So much mix and match potential here!

        (If you have room on your request list, I’d love to see some Animal Crossing characters hit your shop!!! Isabelle & Tom Nook are usually the ones people focus on. But the Dodos, the Able sisters, Brewster, etc would be absolutely amazing)

  23. Hello, your designs are awesome and just what I needed. I decided to make plushies for my boyfriend and friends, and I’m trying to do their favorite animals. So- could I request a cheetah pattern? Again, incredible work and I hope to see more from you!

    1. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I have a cheetah as an option in my wildcat pattern if that helps, but I’ll keep it in mind for future patterns as well 😊 Thank you for your support!

  24. Question! I’m needing to make an alligator, and I tried using your Zodiac pattern pack via snake head + dragon body… but that attempt really just looked like a Trex. He’s adorable, but the wrong animal. 😁 Any advice on which other patterns I might try using? I considered lengthening the pig muzzle… Or just adding 3D eyelid/bulges above the snake eyes?

    1. Hello! I think you had the right idea with the snake head and dragon body. I’m inclined to think if you elongated and widened the nose on the snake it should look more like an alligator. I hope that might help!

  25. Hello! I love your website and have been using your Free pattens to make cute stuff for decorating my room! I was wondering if maybe you could make a pattern for Luna the Cat from Sailor Moon? Keep up the good work! 💗

  26. Hi Choly! I am a busy school teacher and I love making your stuff to relax. I tend to break sewing machines, so I sew by hand and make the plushies a quarter of the actual size. They take forever, but I love how engrossing it is. I’ve hand-sewn the owl, two fennec foxes, a manta ray and your starter pack avo-cat-do, which I put a pouch of lavender inside to freshen up my closet! It’s a big ask, but I would personally love more patterns for people who don’t do sewing machines.

  27. Bonjour, je découvre votre site, énorme et merci beaucoup.
    Moi, je souhaiterais un anne pour creation du dessin animé zou

    1. Hola conoci su sitió y gran trabajo felicidades, podrias hacer un patron de Levi Ackerman o Itachi?

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