Welcome to my Free Pattern section! Here you’ll find projects of all different types that reflect my love of kawaii things. I like to share patterns that are beginner-friendly so newbies can try out sewing without a lot of risk, patterns for established characters since they don’t infringe on the creator, and patterns that are experimental and unusual so maybe we can both learn something from them. Enjoy your browsing! difficulty-rating

473 thoughts on “Plushies”

      1. Could you please do Luigi, Mario, and Toad?
        My kids love the Mario games and I want to make these for them.

  1. hey could you do Luna, Artemis, or Diana sitting plush because I have found so many plushies of them but didn’t like any of them hope you can thanks!

      1. Yes, you are definitely welcome to sell items you’ve sewn using this pattern ๐Ÿ™‚ A credit back to me would be much appreciated โ™ฅ Thank you for asking first!

    1. Hi Emilie! Um I know I’m not the plushie maker, but I was looking at plush patterns and a website called Teacuplions.com came up and I saw Luna, Artemis, and Diana sitting plushies on there so there’s a suggestion if you want. Hope I can help as much as Choly can!

  2. Do you think you could do a snake plush? I’ve seen many plushies on snakes but none have any patterns…

    Just a suggestion! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Is there a starter kit at all and pattern? I am new at sewing so donโ€™t know where to start but love these ideas.

    1. For a starter kit, I have this basics eBook ๐Ÿ™‚ https://cholyknight.com/2018/04/17/plush-sewing-basics-ebook/
      Included there are links to other great plush-makers and their beginner guides as well โ™ฅ
      As for a pattern, if you’re 100% new to sewing many would recommend something like a pillowcase instead of jumping into plush. But if you’re past that, many beginners enjoyed by dolphin plush to start out ๐Ÿ™‚
      I hope that helps!

  4. Can you make a Doraemon plush please? I found a bunch of 50th anniversary plushies and they look so cute! I think it would be great if you made a pattern for it. Also I am loving the patterns you made so far

  5. I’ve been using your patterns ever since I started sewing plushies, and I’d love to see a free frog pattern!!!! love your work so much, thanks!!

  6. I was wondering, with the new website design, where the older projects like the coasters and the guitar bag went. If they are inaccessible that is fine. I was jus wondering for future reference

  7. Just wanted to thank you for all the free patterns! I like to sew strictly as a hobby, and this has been a great way to get back into it. If I ever think of a pattern suggestion, free or paid, I’ll let you know. Until then I’ve a lot to get through!

  8. If I may ask, where do you get your fabrics from? My local art stores have decent ones, but sometimes they don’t have what I specifically need. Any suggestions of where to buy fabrics from online?

  9. Hi Thanks for all your hard work and all of these free patterns you have allowed us to use so freely.
    I was wondering if you could do a standing Wolf pattern. I know you have the sitting Dogs because i have bought that one already, but its just not the same as a standing wolf. Thanks for your time and stay safe everyone

      1. I have that pattern too. But when I said standing I kind of meant standing on all four legs like dogs do. Do you think I could use the pattern from the Wyvern and Dragon Plush with the ones that are standing on all four legs and use one of the heads from the sitting dog patterns?
        Also I was thinking of an Elephant as well.
        I kind of think you would have a lot of licensing issues with other requests for specific patterns. If not what about other Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts and where to find them patterns, like a Mooncalf, Thestral, Dobby the house elf, Niffler, Fwooper, Occamy, Zouwu and other animals. Just to name a few. Haha.
        Thanks for your time and stay safe out there

  10. Im about to make the dino plushie, Thank you so much for making these free, your patterns are great and easy to follow.

  11. Do u have a sheep pattern or could u make one? I think that would be really cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž because sheep are really cute and fluffy so you could do so many kinds of fabric for the woolly coat!

  12. I love your plush patterns. Thank you so much for sharing these. I do have some I’ve bought as well. I would like to suggest Gummy the alligator from My Little Pony. I’ve been having such a hard time finding to to make for my sisters Pinkie Pie Cosplay. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  13. Hi! Can you make a free Hyena plush pattern? I cannot find any and Hyenas are my fav animal! I love your patterns so much!

  14. Can you do a free sugar glider plush? I want 2 get a sugar glider but i cant so i looked for a sewing sugar glider free pattern but they are all on etsy.

  15. Do you have any Chinese Dragon patterns? I would love to make a Cloud Serpent from World of Warcraft, but I canโ€™t find any patterns! PS: Cloud Serpents look almost exactly like Chinese Dragons!

      1. Thanks! Thatโ€™s awesome! Can you make a free baby Chinese dragon pattern too? A hatchling with an egg would be super cute!

  16. Hi, I love your patterns and find the tutorials so easy to follow. Thanks to you I have really developed my sewing skills.
    I’d really love it if you could do a snail plush.

  17. Hi, could you be able to make a peacock and peahen pattern? I just got fabric (felt and fleece) and Iโ€™m gonna try some of the free patterns once I get some fiberfill and safety eyes (since Iโ€™m not familiar with embroidery). This site and BeeZeeArt got me into wanting to learn how to make plushies.

  18. Alpacas are awesome

    Hiiiiiiii! I just wanted to say, I love your patterns! I have bought two so far (Fawn and Unicorn and Wild cat and kitten) and I plan on getting more! Felt works really well for them! I shrink the patterns a lot and hand sew them! The patterns are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS: Also your alpaca pattern is awesome!!!!

  19. Thank you so much! As an intermittent beginner sewer your patterns have been an amazing learning source! Excited to try the unicorn backpack for my niece I purchased a while back!

    I have a suggestion: the sand seal from Breath of the Wild (I have attempted my own but theyโ€™re not quite right!)

  20. I would have liked if I have found that earlier. You patterns looks great. I’ve mane a pikachu and Bowser (from Mario Bros) without pattern and now working on a yoshi that just take way too long to finish. But next, will try one of the above… Can kids have too many of these? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Merci pour les mots gentils! Malheureusement, les didacticiels ne sont actuellement disponibles qu’en anglais. Je suis vraiment dรฉsolรฉ pour le dรฉsagrรฉment ๐Ÿ™

  21. Omg!! The frog one is sew cute!! ( Get it? ) lol Anyways can you pls pls pls make an elephant one? my friend loves elephants and her b-day is coming up so i wanted to make her something special and I thought an elephant would be perfect! Thank you so much! and one more thing.. I wish there were more people like you! keep making the amazing patterns! Thanks! ~~~ Jade

  22. Hey btw do you know any type of fabric I can use for a baby toy? I was going to make the astro bunny for my baby cousin bc she loves space and bunnies. shes 1 year but Im worried the fabric might become matted from being chewed/ eaten over/ spit on and i don’t know how well it would stay together in the wash considering my other plushies stitching. thanks!

    1. Hello! If the fabric matting is a concern, then quilting cotton is probably your best bet ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s intended to last a very long time and washes well too. The seams will be weaker though, since cotton frays and knit fabrics like fleece do not. So you could stitch over them 1 or 2 times more for extra strength. Another option might be anti-pill fleece, which already starts with a kind of matted texture so it doesn’t change much with age and use. I hope that helps with your decision!

  23. Oh my goodness! such cuties!! I’d love to see more from you! would you ever do a worm pattern? like a worm on a string? or mongolian death worm? I think they’d be adorable!

  24. I love your patterns! Iโ€™ve been using them to learn how to hand sew and itโ€™s going really well! I was wondering if youโ€™d be open to doing patterns for Sanrio characters or the Happy Huggy Stuffy Bear from the Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy? Plushies for either of those can be pretty difficult to find. I know you probably get a million requests but I thought those might be cute โ˜บ๏ธ

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