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Welcome to my Free Pattern section! Here you’ll find projects of all different types that reflect my love of kawaii things. I like to share patterns that are beginner-friendly so newbies can try out sewing without a lot of risk, patterns for established characters since they don’t infringe on the creator, and patterns that are experimental and unusual so maybe we can both learn something from them. Enjoy your browsing!


292 thoughts on “Free Patterns – Plushies

    1. These Patterns are just awesome, really happy that In found your page. Thank you for sharing! Have you thought about an elephant plush?

      Greets from Germany

  1. Thank you so much for the amazing patterns! I’d like to suggest a Scampuss plushie from Nioh 2. He’s already very cute, so I think it’d translate well 🙂

  2. Hi, Choly. I love your pattern’s and plushie’s, and I was wondering if you could make a pattern for a charecter from a web seris called Hazbin Hotel. The charecter I whould like to see is Alastor the radio demon, Im new to sewing so I dont know how to make pattern’s and I cant find a pattern for Alastor anywhere so im hopeing you could make it, Thank you for reading!

    1. Hello! Thank you for the kind words about my work! I’m glad you’re enjoying the patterns 🙂
      I’ll certainly look into patterns for that character, especially if I get more requests for it ♥ Thank you for the suggestion!

  3. Hi! I really love your patterns for the plushies and I’ve been trying to make them ever since! I was wondering if you could do an Appa plushie from Avatar the Last Airbender? I would love to create it ❤

    1. Hello! Thank you for the kind words about my patterns! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them 🙂
      I do plan on making an Appa plush in the future! If not by late this year then definitely early next year ♥ Thank you for the suggestion!

  4. Hello! Thank you for the free turtle plush pattern! I am a kindergarten teacher and I’m going to make a turtle plushie! It’s for the story “The Tortoise and the Hare”. 🙂 Do you happen to have a bunny/rabbit/hare pattern too? Thank you, Sew Desu Ne! 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for all the patterns you have made and in regards to one of the comments you got about Al from hazbin hotel do you think you could possibly make a husk plush or an angel dust plush my friend and I would appreciate it greatly!
    Thank you truly for all that you have done😊

  6. Okay, I have to comment. I’ve never once left comments on any sites regarding sewing and patterns, but I’m also just some rando.
    I am still learning the basics of sewing and have practiced both hand and machine, I have a waaaays to go before I can make anything near as good, and that is the exciting part to me.
    Your plushies and patterns are the ones that have stood out to me whenever I try to take on a plushie projects, and as a result, you have been a huge inspiration to me. I don’t feel discouraged when my projects flop, I am thrilled to try again. These free patterns mean so much to me. Plushies are a huge love language in my family, my sibling and I have always had character plushies growing up. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, and blessing us with your patterns. 🙂

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much for taking the time to comment! What you said means a lot and really brightened my day ♥ I’m so glad you’re enjoying the patterns and finding it exciting to keep learning and growing! I hope you keep at it, and I hope you enjoy what’s to come in the future!

    1. Hello! I have a human doll pattern here:
      It doesn’t come with a hoodie, but the hoodie from this pattern will fit:
      There is also a hooded jumpsuit available here:
      So if you were to shorten that it would work as a hoodie.
      I hope some of that might help you with the project you aiming for!

  7. hermoso tus proyectos me encantaron muchas felicitaciones apenas encontre la pagina espero poder realizar algunos , Dios te Bendiga y gracias por compartir

  8. Hi do you happen to have any patterns for minecraft by chance? My cousins boy has been asking me for a while to make him one.

  9. Would you be able to do a custom plushy? I can send pictures the best way I could put it is a teal tv head plushy in an all teal suit like a work suit.

    1. Hello! Unfortunately I’m not open for custom commissions since what I provide here takes up all of my time. So sorry for the inconvenience, but I appreciate your interest!

  10. great. bravo. i really like your pattern of the plushies. i have a huge collection of the Japanese plushies. can your website also make a pattern of it? it will be a huge favor

  11. I have been designing little cute dragos and I would love to sew one. So I wanted to ask wether you could make a little dragon so I’d have some reference

  12. Hi i love all of your patterns . i am twelve and i find them not to difficult do make ! so far i have made a bat , a narwhal and i am currently making a kitty. I was thinking (since i can’t buy patterns) you could maybe make a free pattern Koala! i would love to have a little koala (and maybe a baby koala to go in the big koala’s pouch!). keep up the good work i love this site !

  13. Can you do an alphonse elric or edward elric plush please. The characters are from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist.

  14. Thank you so much for all the gorgeous free patterns! As someone who is just learning how to make their own plushies these are extremely helpful. I like making all of my friends their favorite animals when I don`t have the funds to buy them gifts. I have only one idea for you: how about an opossum plush? I know many people think they are ugly , but I think they`ve just been given a bad name.

    1. Opossums are sooooo cute! I would love to see a plush pattern of one and you, Choly, make the best plushies! Thank you so much for taking your time to make these!

  15. So cute!!!! I can’t wait to make them. Though I would love if you made a dachshund plush pattern!!!!!

  16. I’ve only made one of your patterns but I found it very easy and I loved making it. I’m sixteen and have been sewing since I was really little, but I’ve never been able to find the motivation to finish anything and yet I finished this project in a day and it gave me so much energy :). I know you probably get a lot of suggestions, but I just wanted to throw out the idea of an among us plush. or a pig that would be cute. thankk you I love this blog so much already.

      1. I need the sewing Patten! thanks for replying to me. I am 11 years of age and I really like sewing and you have inspired me very much so can you please give me the Patten to sew it.

  17. Hi, i have a comment and a few suggestions, so my comment is- These tutorials are so helpful! I have been browsing the internet came across u and I absolutaly love it! It is so fun and easy. Can you plz do a polar bear plush? Or a koala plush? Or maybe a llama plush? sorry if these already exist i have not browsed fully yet. I might not reply if you reply to mine because my mom might say no or something. Anyway Thank you so much and i love these tutorials.

  18. Hey, may I suggest that you try to make a pattern for those little demon goats from hazbin hotel? I believe their names were razzle and dazzle.

    1. Thank you very much! I hadn’t considered Animal Crossing as much, since a really great pattern was already made by Teacup Lion 🙂 However I’ll certainly keep it in mind for the future if there’s anything new I could bring to the table ♥

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