Here are the most requested animals and characters I recieved in 2022! A big thanks to my Patreon patrons who helped me narrow down the list and added their own suggestions. They’re split into fanart and non-fanart categories this time since the fanart characters tend to become free patterns 💖
In these polls, you can choose as many options as you’d like. But if you have a different idea to suggest, feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll put it on future lists!
I can’t always promise I’ll make the suggestions in the same order as the poll. If it’s a big project it might mean I’ll need to be strategic with my schedule. But rest assured that if it scores very high it will find a way into my plans for the year!
If you’re curious about what I’ve already made in the past, please do take a look at my detailed search filter. You may find I already have what you’re looking for!
Thank you for your suggestions!

2023 Fanart Pattern Poll
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2023 Non-Fanart Pattern Poll
Min votes count should be 1

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      1. A fish expansion pack kind of like the farm mammals would be fun! Betta fish especially would be gorgeous

    1. I know I’m pretty late to the party but I’m pretty sure that you could take the wings from one of her other patterns and use them on her free wolf plushie. I think that should give you the results you’re wanting. Personally, I would use the wings from one of the unicorn patterns but that’s totally up you.

  1. Would you ever consider doing a floppy elephant like your dragons and unicorns? It would be so adorable!

  2. I love your tutorials! I’ve sewed about eight of them. You should do a simple Anya Forger plush! (Form Spy x Family)

  3. Customizable frog (like the wildcat and hyena patterns but for frogs)
    Hammerhead shark
    Angler fish
    Hermit crab
    Food stuffies (my youngest is obsessed with food stuffies) (cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 spin off could be fun)
    Warthog, meerkat (pumba/timon)

    Pokémon: Caterpie, Butterfree, Oddish, Psyduck, Poliwag, Geodude, Horsea,
    Eeveelutions (vaporeon is my fave), chimchar, piplup, turtwig

    Harry Potter “beasts” acromantula, niffler, kneazle. Dobby. Mandrake

    LILO & stitch scrump doll, pleakly

  4. A chomper from Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. Id love to make my most favorite and most played version.

  5. Maybe the dark dragon/krill from sky children of the light or a super simplified version of the basic playable character would be fun to do? Me and my sister love this game but very few sewing patterns online for the characters.

  6. I would LOVE to have a cute cat spinoff from your Wyvern and Dragon pattern!!! Thanks for your creativity Choly!!!

  7. Nightwing seawing

    Oohh what about a realistic wings of fire dragon? Sort of a mix of the dragons & wyverns wof pattern and the dragonfly pattern would be cool!

    1. Hello! I’d certainly like to try! I don’t know a lot about Digimon so I’m trying to keep notes from others on which monsters are the most popular 😊

  8. Pretty please aliens and predictors 🥰
    My kids would die for them. (That’s their go to movies at 5y and 10y 🤣)

  9. Hey I hope you’re having an absolutely fabulous day! I was just wondering if you could make a pattern for a pin holder that goes in your wrist in a cute animal shape please? i never know where to put my pins when I’m sewing as I don’t want them to fall on the floor and for the dogs to step on them 😬! THANKYOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I personally have a Husqvarna Viking Topaz 50 and a Brother Innovis 😊 I would definitely recommend the Brother brand, as it’s very beginner friendly both in use and price. The Innovis is a little more mid-range, but the lower end models are still great.

  10. Could you maybe add a Pegasus and a sea serpent pls.
    (I know you have some thigs like a sea serpent but a scaled one would look super cool)
    I actually need to make a winged horse in your amazing style, it would look super duper cute!

  11. Hi can you make a Fwooper from Hogwarts Legacy or Mooncalf– Doesn’t need to be free and I would be more than happy to pay for it. Looked everywhere but nothing. Saw your website and read it. I figured they would be cute as they should be…others seem to have them more menacing and I don’t think they captured the cuteness that I think you could!

  12. I know there’s many cat styled plushies but hear me out lol
    What if there could be an add-on (either free or paid) to the wild cat pattern to have like a warrior cats vibe? Kinda like what you did with the dragon pattern and an add-on to give a wings of fire look. Perhaps like something that could come with or be offered to pay extra for if you buy the wild cat pattern. Would have more complex details and offer things like scars and markings that make it more of a warrior cats styled plush.

  13. My friend loves Kingdom Hearts. I would love a Nobody/Heartless pattern to make her.

    And I agree about the Miraculous Ladybug Kwami patterns!

    1. I entirely agree. That would be awesome!!!!! It would be so cute if there was an extension for minnie mouse as well because they are so similar

  14. I love your patterns, all the ones I’ve made have been entirely by hand, I find them very entertaining and satisfying, thanks for sharing your work with us! Hopefully one day there will be something more anime, like Chopper or Karoo from One Piece or more pokemon like Pancham! 💕

  15. I’d love a Ho-Oh and Lugia pattern.
    I want to make a chibi Ho-Oh that squeaks when you squeeze its head but I’m having a hard time finding patterns that aren’t crochet.

  16. I would love to see a crab, lobster, or shrimp pattern! Crustaceans translated to your chibi style would be so cool

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