Here are the most requested animals and characters I recieved in 2022! A big thanks to my Patreon patrons who helped me narrow down the list and added their own suggestions. They’re split into fanart and non-fanart categories this time since the fanart characters tend to become free patterns 💖
In these polls, you can choose as many options as you’d like. But if you have a different idea to suggest, feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll put it on future lists!
I can’t always promise I’ll make the suggestions in the same order as the poll. If it’s a big project it might mean I’ll need to be strategic with my schedule. But rest assured that if it scores very high it will find a way into my plans for the year!
If you’re curious about what I’ve already made in the past, please do take a look at my detailed search filter. You may find I already have what you’re looking for!
Thank you for your suggestions!

2023 Fanart Pattern Poll
Min votes count should be 1
2023 Non-Fanart Pattern Poll
Min votes count should be 1

1,373 thoughts on “Pattern Poll”

  1. Love your patterns! Looking forward to making my first plushie! I’d like to add my two suggestions: a poro from League of Legends and a plush griffon from Guild Wars 2.

  2. Hi there!
    I love your patterns. Especially with the embroidery files. I would like to add a suggestion to your lists: A Hamilton-Plushy. I would like to make a plushy with a musical box playing the melody of “Dear Theodosia” someday and I bet, a Hamilton-plushy designed by you would just look amazing! 😀
    Anyway thanks for your great work. 🙂

    1. Your patterns are amazing. Please, please, please do Bluey characters especially Chattermax, floppy, bob bilby and unicorse. That would be fantastic

      1. Bluey would be amazing! Most the patterns I found are slightly terrifying, but Choly’s style would be absolutely adorable!!😍😍

  3. I love your patterns, too!!
    Every time i can i advertising you to all my friends. <3
    Your pattern poll is on point, but…..
    with the hogwarts legacy hype i really miss a niffler pattern..
    I would even pay for it <3

  4. Hallo❤️ ich liebe deine Schnittmuster und Nähe ständig deine Plüschtiere. Ich freue mich und warte jedes Mal ungeduldig auf deine neuen Ideen ☺️ ich hätte als Vorschlag für Plüschtiere mehr wende Tiere wie Geister oder Katzen ❤️. Meine Tochter würde sich am meisten über kleine paw patrol Hunde oder Katzen von Gabby’ Dollhouse freuen. Eine hatte ich davon schon gesehen Meerkatze ❤️ oder sich Tom und Jerry ❤️

    Vielen Dank für deine tollen Schnittmuster ❤️ ich von dir für alle deine Arbeit so unglaublich dankbar

  5. I love these so much! I’d love to see a skink and a quagsire pattern, if possible for consideration. 🙇‍♂️

  6. Hi, I use your patterns for my Fashion class and was wondering if you could make a simple raccoon plush for an upcoming project.

  7. Can you please add tonberry from final fantasy 7?I cant find any sewing patterns on him. Can you also make some more final fantasy sewing patterns free? Thank you

  8. Is there anyway you could do a Ikran plush from Avatar way of water or the first one by James Cameron? I live that movie and I would do anything to find a pattern on how to make my own plush.

  9. My 4 year old son came to my sewing room today and requested a merbunny. What?? This kid is UTTERLY obsessed (to put it mildly) with bunnies, but I have never once heard him mention a mermaid anything before. Maybe I can hack one of your merkitties and just give it some long ears… but I thought I would mention it here. It should be a pretty easy tweak for the Spoonflower prints! And I would totally order one or twelve. If you do this… please make sure there is a blue one. There are three things this kid loves: bunnies, dark blue, and light blue.

  10. GiGiMarie Shufelt Avery

    Currently making the dragon backpack pattern and a couple friends asked for bat backpacks. Like the dragons, they want ones that looks like it is hanging on your back. Is this possible or even have a current pattern hack idea?
    And THANK YOU for all the awesome patterns! Love making them and people simply adore the way they look and feel 🙂

  11. celine vanoverteveld

    hello mu daugther would love a pattern of wednesday addams or the thing 🙂 pleaaase thank you 🙂

  12. I am obsessed with your work!
    is there a chance you will do an embroidery package for the doll clothes?

  13. Hola! saludos desde Colombia. amo todo tu trabajo y gracias por los moldes gratuitos, Puedes agregar a la lista a los Carpinchos o Capibara?

  14. Just found your work today and I have absolutely fell in love. I didn’t realize many of the plushies I’ve seen throughout the years have used your very own patterns! Keep up the great work!

    I am here to suggest a Fidough/Dachsbun (or both?) pattern from Pokémon! Also Oshawott would be great too : )

  15. Hi! I love your patterns and I’ve really gotten into sewing lately, so I appreciate it!
    (I made the macron plushies for my friend, and I’m working in the birds!)
    I was wondering if you could do a hisuan zorua/zorark pattern? I’d be willing to pay for it aswell.
    (Also a little wide request that’s really just smth I don’t imagine you’ll do- but maybe hawks from MHA?)
    Anyways Tysm!!
    Have a good day <3

  16. have you considered making a plush of something from genshin impact? i think either cat scaramouche or one of the new pari would be perfect in your style, since you do such a great job with round and chibi shapes!

  17. Hey I am using the pattern for your witch cat as a base for Snout from “Work It Out Wombats”. My 2 year old niece is obsessed with the show and they don’t make any toys for it. Thank you for helping make her day!

  18. Hi I am currently making an Umbreon shrug for me and a Flareon shrug for my younger cousin for comic con this year in Australia! I was wondering if you could make the flaaffy pokemon and it’s evolutions since I have grown overly fond of these sheep. Also I have noticed that you didn’t have any sheep patterns (that are free sewing pattens) and these sheep pokemon would be the best fit for this section. And would hopfuly get a shoutout for a request for hazbin hotel and helevua boss character plushies! Thanks! 😊😍🐲🐎

  19. Renee Boucher

    Any chance you’d consider adding Nubs from Young Jedi Adventures to your list to vote on? He’s aDORable!

  20. My daughter loves all Hello Kitty and Sanrio characters. Would love to have patterns for those! Thank you for all you do. Great work!

  21. I’ll love any non-licensed character plush you design, and would like to ask for a cute fat ladybug with “flappable” wings. <3 Thank you for all your hard work!

  22. Has anyone asked for, or do you have, Baphomet? (Even though I’d rather have an ITH pattern for the embroidery machine.) Been searching Etsy and everything I see is crochet. Which I don’t do.

  23. I’d love to see a cucco (LoZ) or stardew valley style chicken pattern and a sand seal plush pattern (LoZ:BotW) 🙂

  24. I’d love to see a Hastur (King in Yellow) design. I love all your designs; they’re so beautiful and adorable and simple to make!

  25. I love your Style and your Patterns. It would be awsome to have a Goose with a Bell like in Untiteled Goose Game.
    Thank you for all the great Patterns!!

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