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Welcome to my Free Pattern section! Here you’ll find projects of all different types that reflect my love of kawaii things. I like to share patterns that are beginner-friendly so newbies can try out sewing without a lot of risk, patterns for established characters since they don’t infringe on the creator, and patterns that are experimental and unusual so maybe we can both learn something from them. Enjoy your browsing!




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165 thoughts on “Free Patterns

  1. by any chance do you do any amigurumi???

    • I do make amigurumi! At the moment I’m swamped with clothing projects, but after I make just a few more sweaters I’m going to dive into my yarn stash, so you can expect to see some free projects for that in the future ♥

      • My sister is really into amigurumi and so I wonder if you’re going to find some time to “dive into” your yarn stash anytime in the near future?

      • I’m trying! Haha 😀 Just little bits here and there, but hopefully I can do more in the future ♥

  2. Milady, I just found you today. And I already think I hate you.
    HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TOO CHOOSE A PATTERN TO BEGIN WITH?!? THEY ARE ALL TOO BEAUTIFUL! It’s already half an hour that I’m stuck on the chair, looking at the same page! I’m gonna die in front of the PC!

    … ♥

  3. Hi dear i’m from Brazil and i love love love love loveeeeee you so much , i wanna thank you for share your projects with us, i’d love to see a tutorial hoodie for me to be happier, if not too much to ask…stay well and continue your wonderful work. xoxo

  4. I absolutely LOVE your projects and have become a HUGE fan since finding you about 6 months ago. I purchased both of your books from Amazon and can’t wait until I can make some of your really cute bags. (Sigh, my day job gets in the way of what’s really important,…like sewing!)

    • Oh wow! Thank you so much for buying my books and for your kind words! 😀 I really hope you enjoy making the projects ^-^ I’ll definitely be here if you run into any questions!

  5. Love your projects! These are very helpful!
    Is there by chance that you will make a cat themed bag? 🙂

  6. Hi I was wondering what the arrows on your patterns mean? Thank You so much!

    • They’re grain lines 🙂 If you line those up so they’re parallel with your fabric, you can be sure that the pattern of your fabric is going in the right direction and your finished project will be “on grain” and hang nicely, stretch in the right places, and stuff like that 😀
      You can disregard them if you’re not a fabric stickler though (I used to for a while when I first started out x3).

  7. Hey, I saw that you made this Bulbasaur hoodie and I was wondering where I could find the instructions or where to buy it. Thanks ^^

  8. I found this place about a month ago and i adore it ;u;
    always up for cute sewing patterns

  9. Hello I am a cosplayer and wanting to learn to sew clothing and such, do you have any good tips or tricks to getting the hang of sewing? Will any project help me or should I start with something specific?

    • Hello!
      If you’re completely new to sewing I’d say the biggest help would be to do some simple projects that will help you get the hang of how it feels to be on the machine 😀 Projects with just straight sewing and not a lot of extra details are easy to get into, like pillowcases or ruffled skirts. Of the projects on this site that would be the fabric trays (which would introduce you to interfacing), coffee sleeve (which would show you Velcro), coasters, & tote bag. With all of these, I would skip any applique mentioned to make things much easier on yourself.
      Then when you feel like you’re comfortable, you could try something a bit more complex like the ninja scoodie. But basically after that it’s all about skill-building ^-^ If you’re getting into clothing you’ll likely want to learn and try out buttons, zippers, elastic, and likely some sleeve-setting techniques. Also check out some of the sewing vocabulary used and you’ll see how they fit in with most clothing patterns. All that I mentioned should have you set for a good while! ♥ If you have any additional concerns/questions I’d be glad to help — it sounds like something that would be fun to make a tutorial about.

  10. hello!dear choly, ihave a new sewing machine, and its a Computerised Sewing, so what does that means?

    • Hello!
      On the most basic level, a computerized sewing machine means that your machine has a computer inside it that receives and processes all your commands (like telling it what stitch to do, how long, etc.) and then transfers those commands to the motors and whatnot.
      A mechanical machine wouldn’t have this computer middleman — the settings you put in would directly make adjustments to the machine.
      So overall your machine will likely have a larger range of functions, but specifically it depends on your make and model 🙂 For instance you might be able to tell it exactly in millimeters how long and wide your stitches should be, you might have extra specialty stitches (that a regular mechanical machine couldn’t do), or your machine might beep or warn you when the thread isn’t threaded properly or you’re trying to sew with the presser foot up.

      I hope that helps!

  11. What is your policy on making items from your books to then sell at a craft fair or other places, or etsy.

    • The publisher retains the copyright to the actual patterns, instructions, and photographs. But anything you make with the patterns belongs to you 🙂 Of course we always encourage people to modify the projects and make them your own! 😀

  12. Thank you so much for all your free patterns, that’s very generous of you…appreciate it!

  13. I love everything on here if you do anything Kuroshitsuji related please tell me!!!!!!!

  14. You are SO TALENTED. I am just learning to sew, and your patterns are incredible. I want to make them all but I don’t even know where to start. Why am I looking at these advanced patterns!?

  15. I have a suggestion, maybe you could make something that uses fabric that is to big to throw away, but to small to actually use for most projects. I always hate to throw away those pieces but I never know what to do with them.

  16. thankyou for your cutie free projects ❤ I'll try them 😀

  17. I’m thinking about getting a new sewing machine. Any suggestions for affordable but reliable machines? And by the way, I love, love, LOVE your stuff! It’s so cute!

  18. We like your Ideas realy realy nice.
    Thanks Eric and Michi

  19. Hi do you think you can make a jackalope plushie for a free project

  20. Hi, I recently was surfing the net for things to make with a sewing machine, and I found your stuffed animals when I looked up cool stuffed animals on pinterest. I really like your bat plush, do you think you could make a pinkie pie Plush? I am a huge fan of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic! Also, you are the one who inspired me to start looking online for a sewing machine and to continue sewing. I learned a long time ago, but haven’t kept up the craft, but you inspired me to keep going! 🙂
    Friendship is Magic! Brohoof!

  21. do you do needle felting patterns?

  22. Thank you so very much!! Your patterns are amazing!

  23. Me encanta, nivel de dificultad para principiantes

  24. Since I have found you…. I have decided to help my daughter learn more on sewing…. she already loves designing things (mostly doll outfits)… this will help teach her how to sew and hopefully in the future learn how to make her own patterns. Thank you for doing what you do and allowing us to get these patterns…. you are a life saver…

  25. hey hi your patterns are so cute please make more free pattern plushies all its so cutee

  26. hey hi yours patterns are so cute please make more free pattens i love all your job

  27. Can you make a kirito plushie?

  28. I got the sitting dragon pattern for free when I signed up for your stuff. well i was only able to print out the pattern for the dragon & I was going to go back when I had more ink to print the directions but I must have accidentally erased the email the link was in. Is there any way I can get the directions to make the sitting dragon my boys really want one & I really want to make one for each of them.

  29. Hi Choly! I am amazed at your versatility and originality 🙂 You are such a talented artist 🙂 I am currently browsing through your book Sewing Stylish Handbags and Totes and I have a question about your patterns. I understand that I can make any of the items for my own use, but do you allow sales from your patterns? I am thinking about making handbags and selling them as an income generator for me. Are your patterns available for that purpose?

    • Hi Sonia! Thank you for the kind words about my work! And I’m glad you like the Handbags & Totes book!
      Regarding sales — from a technical standpoint, anything you make from the patterns is yours to do with as you please 🙂 It’s the actual words and pattern templates that belong to the publisher.

  30. Hi!!!!!!!!! I love your work choly, I think your a genuis. I was wondering if you have or can do some pokemon patterns. I just started learning how to sew and lots of patterns for pokemon I like are either too complicated or there arent any in the first place. And could you please do a tutorial for types of stitching?

  31. Hi ! I’m a beginner and your website is really cool ! I’ve tried two of your paterns : the shiba and the gunter plushes! My sewing machine is dead right now so i had to do it by hand (we can see some holes on the shiba plush because i was watching a show while doing it, so i wasn’t really paying attention ahah !)
    It was really cool and I’m gonna try some other patterns !
    Thank you so much for your explanations it really helps !

    Some pictures :

  32. Any chance of you doing more monthly challenges? I really want to participate in them.

    • Unfortunately I stopped doing the challenges last year because it was difficult to keep up with all of the submissions 😦 Mostly because so many didn’t follow the rules.
      But I do have plans for other promotions like contests and giveaways in the future!

  33. Omg I love all your patterns and stumbling upon your lovely blog has helped me to begin sewing plushies and has helped me to improve my sewing skills ;3 love all the patterns you have made and cant wait to see more ;3

  34. You are best 🙂 Thank for yours amazing patterns 🙂

  35. What wonderful patterns! Thank you so much for sharing, I have mountains of scraps of cotton lycra from the clothes I make so I’m going to try a few of your patterns and make some cute things for my sons, thanks again for your wonderful generosity in sharing these patterns with us xx

  36. Hi, there!
    Sorry to bother I just have a quick question. As new to pattern making, I would like to ask how you do your patterns? Do you use a special computer software, or what?
    I really love your patterns and all of your work, that’s why I wanted to ask you.

    • Hello! Thank you for the kind words about my work!
      To make my patterns I use Adobe Illustrator 🙂 And Adobe Indesign for the .pdf layouts.

      • You’re very welcome. And thank you for answering me. If I succeed in making the pattern that I want to, I’ll make sure that you’re the first one to see it!

  37. Thank you so much! :D:D:D

  38. I just finished your Dolphin pattern – and stumbled on your toothless pattern.. I can’t wait to make him!!!! Have to say – VERY nice pattern, instructions were clear and the pattern pieces themselves (though one fin was mis-lettered) are fantastic (unlike many online that are hand drawn wavy lines). I’ve even got a couple patterns on my wishlist now that I’m eyeing from your shop ❤

  39. Just came across your site and I immediately had to go buy fabric for these guys!
    Giving it a try tonight, read through the pattern and it is awesome. You explain everything really well. Thank you!!

  40. Thanks So much for your patterns! i have made the narwhal, the bats and toothless, and i love them all … looking forward to making more 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  41. I love your work. Thanks for sharing.

  42. I LOVE what you do! any chance you can make a free kawaii fox plush?

  43. would you ever make a walrus pattern?

  44. I love your patterns so much!! Is there any chance you could make a free adorable turtle plush pattern?
    Thanks xx

  45. Merci pour tout ce généreux partage, ils sont tous très beaux .

  46. Hi!
    I was wondering if you can make something Animal Crossing-themed…
    Can u please please make it?
    Pd: I just super love your patterns ❤
    (Sorry for the bad English qwp)

  47. All your projects are wonderful. You are very telented. Keep doing your magnificent work.

  48. It would be amazing if you could do the house crest animals!!!! Lion, Raven, Snake, and Badger to go along with Ceberus!! Please please please please please!!!!

  49. Just wanted to say Thank you for posting the bat pattern. My oldest daughter celebrated her 6th birthday and the theme was a new Disney show Vamipirina. Since no Decor and few themed toys are out there we found this project. We made 7 stuffies. One for each child in attendance 4 boys (ages 4-10) & 3 girls(2-6) it was a fun project but more amazingly adored by all the kids in all age groups. Very rewarding. Thanks.

  50. Thank you for all the amazing effort that you have put into making these patterns available!! Thank you for the free ones too!!!

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