1. How do I use your patterns?
The patterns and instructions I offer on this blog assume you have basic knowledge of sewing skills, such as the ones mentioned most beginner sewing books. I’ll also assume that you have the basic sewing tools mentioned in those kinds of books, including a sewing machine.
What if I’m a complete beginner?
I would recommend checking out this Plush Making Basics eBook .pdf I’ve created 🙂 This included some more detailed information about beginner techniques and supplies as well as how to sew projects by hand if you don’t have a machine.
However, if you’re not familiar with a technique at all, don’t hesitate to ask for more clarification! I might make it into a tutorial so it helps out lots of people!

2. Can I use your patterns to sew projects to sell on Etsy? / Can I use your patterns commercially? / What are your terms of use?
You are more than welcome to use my patterns both personally and commercially. This includes:
• Gifts for friends & family
• Personal projects for yourself
• Giveaways & fundraisers

• Sewing the finished project to sell online
• Sewing the finished project to sell at craft fairs

Do not:
• Sell the .pdf & photo instructions as your own pattern
• Use my photos for your own listings
• Use the sewing templates to make a digital product for sale
• Use the project and pattern for mass-production

All that I ask is that you do not sell the pattern, photos, or templates themselves for profit ♥ In terms of copyright, everything in the pattern instructions belongs to me. If you do use the finished project to sell online, I would greatly appreciate if you could credit me in your listing. A simple link to http://www.cholyknight.com or Sew Desu Ne? is fine, just as a way of saying thanks.

3. Can I make changes to your patterns?
You’re welcome to make changes to the original design when sewing your own version of the pattern 🙂 However, please still do give credit with “Modified from a Sew Desu Ne pattern” since that would qualify as Derivative Work. With that said, modified versions of my .pdf instructions and templates are still not allowed for sale, since it is also a Derivative Work.

4. What about licensed characters?
If you’re selling items of a licensed character, you need to be especially careful. Some brands, such as Disney, don’t take lightly to sales of fan-made creations. Meanwhile others might be more lenient, such as if it’s a one-off custom item. However, companies have the right to change their mind at any time. So it’s safe to assume that if you’re selling fan-made versions of licensed characters, you do so at your own risk. At any moment you could get a take-down notice from these companies and at that time you should comply immediately.

5. What about patterns from your books?
My publisher owns the copyright to the actual pattern outlines, instructions, and photographs used to make the projects. But anything you make yourself belongs to you and is yours to sell. We always encourage readers to do something different with the patterns and come up with your own creations though!

6. What programs do you use to design your patterns?
I use Adobe Illustrator to create the actual sewing templates, and Adobe InDesign to create the photo layouts with instructions 🙂

7. How do you design your patterns?
For my plush patterns, I typically break down my initial sketches and ideas into basic geometric shapes, such as spheres, cylinders, and cones. Those are relatively easy to draft, and from there I gradually change those shapes, combine them, and break them apart where necessary to create the new shapes I need. I realize that makes it sound too easy, but I find once I have something, anything, to start with, it’s easier to make changes to an existing creation than try to get it perfect the first time ♥

8. What should I do if I find a problem with your pattern?
I make up these projects quickly since they’re for free, so unfortunately they don’t go through a lot of rigorous testing. If you find a problem with the pattern, please keep that in mind, but also don’t hesitate to contact me by commenting on the project page if it’s particularly bad. Maybe there was a miscommunication and there’s something I can do to help! Either way, I appreciate your honest feedback if you feel there’s something I can improve!

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  1. hi hun, love your patterns! im trying to work my way through them all. i have been asked if i can make lock, stock and barrel from nightmare before christmas can you design these? x

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