Black Friday Sale! and New Dinosaur Plush Bundle Sewing Pattern! 🦖

Hello everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers in the US!
Like every year I’m running a Black Friday sale! It runs from now through December 1st.
It’s a ‘buy more, save more’ kind of sale where you get a larger percentage off your purchase depending on the number of items you buy ♥ So there are no coupons to remember, no dollar amounts to reach, everything discounts automatically!
If you just want 1-3 patterns/embroidery, it starts at 20% off, at 4-6 patterns/embroidery you get 30% off, and at 7 or more patterns/embroidery you get 40% off!

And for those that already have everything, I have a new pattern for the sale!

While I have a few free dinosaur patterns in my collection, I still get requests for more, including some species I haven’t tackled yet. I had also wanted to do more impressive versions of those dinos, like ones that stand up on their own. So I waited until Black Friday to unleash as many as I could!
There’s a carnivore bundle that shows you how to make both a T-rex and a velociraptor. Unlike the free counterpart, this version stands up on big hind legs and has menacing claws. Next there’s an herbivore bundle that includes a brontosaurus, triceratops, and stegosaurus. These all have a similar chunky body that stands on 4 legs.
If you’re only interested in the carnivores or herbivores, they’re available separately. Or if you want all 5 new designs, they’re bundled together for a discount as well!
As usual, the pattern comes with applique templates for the different eyes and body markings. But if you have an embroidery machine, you can buy the embroidery files separately. I hope you’ll give it a look, and I hope it will make some dino lovers a great holiday gift!

P.S. If the automatic discount is giving you trouble, I’ve also created coupon codes 💖
Use 21BF30 for 30% off 4-6 items
And 21BF40 for 40% off 7 items or more

9 thoughts on “Black Friday Sale! and New Dinosaur Plush Bundle Sewing Pattern! 🦖”

  1. Just when I think they can’t possibly get any more adorable, you outdo yourself once again. You are so talented and thank you for sharing these. 🙂

  2. Unfortunately I missed the review period on etsy, so no pictures, but yet again I used this EXCELLENT pattern and turned it into a sparkly dino creature. I combined the t-rex body and raptor head and added a neck crest for a Kagouti from the game Morrowind. Then I picked the worst, i.e. best and most beautiful but hard to work with, sparkly fabric. I can not praise these patterns enough for how easy they are to work with, how nice the instructions are and how they always work out so perfectly. Thank you so much!!!

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