2021 Pattern Poll!

Here are the most requested animals and characters I received in 2020! A big thanks to my Patreon patrons who helped top off the list ❤ With your vote you’ll help me narrow down what to include in 2021!
With this poll, you can choose as many as you like. If you have an idea to suggest, feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll see what I can do!
Thank you for your suggestions!

416 thoughts on “2021 Pattern Poll!

  1. Ooh, a Cheshire Cat plush pattern, and definitely the Wings of Fire dragonets! Me and a friend started reading that and I would love to surprise her with a little Glory or Tsunami plush! Or I’d love to alter it to make our Roleplaying characters.
    (Ps, we are 11 and 10 but we adore sewing!)

    1. I think you should do sonic characters! That would be really cool and I could family make good sonic plushies 🙂

    2. I’m 12 and I looooovee wings of fire, I’ve red all of them except dragonslayer. I totally agree with everything Riri said.

    3. Nach dem ich meinem Sohn das Pikatchu genäht habe, wünscht er sich nun ein Sonic-Plüsch. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn ich eine Anleitung dazu hier mal finden würde. Danke.

  2. I like your patterns a lot! I think if you made a stitch pattern I would buy it if it wasn’t free. Otherwise, a whale shark would be cool, or ooh maybe Iggy from Keeper of The Lost Cities hes really cute and i haven’t been able to find any patterns for him

  3. Thank you so much for the patterns your have shared already, as a beginner I really appreciate those that you share!
    I’d love to see a Stoutland pattern (my boyfriend’s current favourite) if you’d be interested in making one!

  4. Would you consider kuriboh from Yu-Gi-Oh? That would be absolutely amazing!!! I love your work so much. Thank you for all you do!

  5. I have a suggestion probably for your shop but anyways lol I would love if you would compile all your clothing patterns that fit the Catgirl/Batgirl size dolls into one listing. I use your Catgirl pattern to make my friend and I Kpop dolls and I have bought some patterns just for the clothes patterns that are included, so 1 listing of all the clothes would be awesome! I would buy it atleast lol. Thank you so much for all the amazing patterns you have made!!

  6. Your patterns are really awesome!
    I love to create them with my mom and can’t wait to make one with my best friend.
    Keep making great patterns. Also, a Cheshire Cat would be amazing so would a Momo and a Grim Reaper, I love both.

  7. I would love if you’d ever consider making a pikmin plushie! I think the base three (Red, Yellow, Blue) would be pretty easy to design given they use the same body. Flying, Rock, Purple, and White might be a different story. Thank you so much for all your patterns, free and paid, they’re so creative and I love to make things using them

  8. I would love to see a pattern for Cinderella’s mice or even just a cute chibi mouse pattern that I could hack to look like them, Im having a heck of a time finding a decent mouse sewing pattern.

    1. I agree! Especially if you designed some little outfit pieces like Cinderella has for her mice. Jaq, Gus, and Suzy styles would all be adorable!

  9. ohhh id love a cute pigeon plushy, and skunk 🙂 two of my favourite animals.
    Id love goats or squirrels too, but pigeons would be my favourite. I can never find any legitimately cute plushies for them.

      1. Thank you for the link! But I meant a dress for a human😅 I want to “try” to make a dress but a cant find a good pattern thank you!

  10. Voted for Bulbasaur!! 😉 I really hope he will made it, I wanted to make one so bad but I just can’t figure out how to pattern it 😦
    Would you consider to make some Digimon pattern, like Patamon for ex? The Patamon plushies out there are kind of scary… ^^’ and your plushies are always cute so I’d like to see your version 😉

    1. Me too!!! I saw one drawing about a Halloween Bulbasaur that had a pumkin on his back and I’m so eager to try to make that!!! I’m not great with pattern making myself but I guess a pumkin is not a big deal, I would love it oh so much, and agree a Patamon plushie would be adorable

  11. hello 🙂 I must say your patterns are so amazing! I’m gonna try axolotl and manta ray this month, can’t wait for it! and please, if it’s possible, I’d love some bigger phoenix or anubis pattern 🙂 plush or hoodie, it doesn’t matter :))) you…are…best!

  12. Hello 👋🏻 I was wondering if you could make patterns for mystic messenger plushies. I have been hoping that eventually there couple be tutorials for all 8 members of the RFA. My favorite character is Jumin Han so I was hoping you could make a free pattern for him. Thank you for much for making this amazing website and all your hard work.

  13. Thank you so much for the awesome patterns. Thanks to your patterns, I finally managed to make my own plushy and I’m really happy. I would love a kitsune/ninetails pattern or a wolf pattern someday, but no rush or anything, I really love every pattern here 🙂

  14. In your book sew kawaii is a dress form required for the poncho pattern? And where do you get your fabric? Thank you!

  15. You have a few already (rat, dragon, etc.) but what about the rest of the Chinese zodiac? Perhaps by way of Fruits Basket? 🙂

  16. Maybe more anthro patterns like lions or other wild cats, or maybe a small anthro animals pattern like mice and rabbits 🙂

  17. I love your patterns! I’m working up the courage to make one, but with some many great patterns to choose from it’s hard 😅. I’d like to see the Cheshire Cat, Togepi (pokemon) and soot sprites with little star candies from Spirited Away.

  18. I love all your work and all the effort and love you put in them you know I would like to see charmander pokemon as I would like to give it as a gift to my little brother as he loves that pokemon…. thanks for your work

  19. I’d love to see a “version 2” of your Woodland Witches anthro dolls with different animals. Maybe a raccoon, bunny, etc?

  20. Hi when you do the Wings Of Fire dragon pattern can you make the HiveWings and the SilkWings and the LeafWings as well as the pyrrhian dragons? Thanks so much for making these awesome free patterns!

  21. Would you consider doing a horse? There my favorite animal. I just can’t find a good pattern for one. But I’m Sure if you did one it would be AWSOME! Thanks!

  22. A raccoon would be awesome. I have a friend that’s been begging her wife for a domesticated trash panda, it’d be hilarious to make her one for Christmas lol!

  23. I would love to see you create a Thestral. I have played with a pattern for one but your work is outstanding and would be much better than anything I have tried!

  24. Hi! i love ur patterns i would love for a dratini free pattern! i have always wanted one they are super cute! love ur content! i made a axolotl with ur design! 😀

  25. I absolutely love your patterns!! They’re so cute! I want to make all of them😅 I do have a small suggestion, I would love to make a beret, I love wearing them. I’ve never found a pattern that I’ve liked for me to make one, and your patterns are super adorable!

  26. Could you consider doing Minecraft sewing patterns? like Minecraft animals or something?
    Thank you!

  27. Hi! I’m hoping at some point you can do little Kirara from Inuyasha. I’ve looked all over the interwebs and haven’t found a single pattern other than crochet for it. Thank you for all the lovely patterns!

    1. After my research finding all the details that need to go into each of the 10 tribes, I think it will be more feasible if I make it a hack for a paid pattern 😊

  28. Rot from the new game Kena: bridge of spirits. They’re absolutely adorable and I would love to see if you could do something like them.

  29. it would be super cool to have more reptiles, I am a huge animal fan in general, but geckos are so sweet it would be so cool to see a geck pattern :>

  30. I absolutely love your patterns. I have been looking for a good Snorlax pattern for a while and haven’t found one. I know if you make one it would be amazing♥

  31. Hi Choly,
    I am just wondering about the dragon below your picture on the side and above the $1 coupon,
    can you please post it to the public, I love it and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

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