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Free Pattern Friday! Bat Plush



Since it’s still September it’s not quite Halloween season, but I couldn’t help myself! I felt the urge to make a little bat plush and wanted to share the pattern with you 😀
It’s a pretty basic shape with a big head, tiny body, and oversized wings and ears. It’s wonderfully floppy and expressive and very fun to hug. It features several face applique options including lashed eyes, heart shaped nose, fangs, and blush marks. You can mix and match to make your favorite. The wings also have extra top-stitching for some special detail.

It only has four pattern pieces, but placing everything just right is crucial. Not only to be sure the wings and ears are symmetrical, but to be certain the neck is sewn straight as well. If you have no problem taking it carefully during those parts you should be good! I gave it a 3/10 stars in difficulty with all that in mind. I hope you’ll try making one in time for Halloween!


79 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Bat Plush

  1. Hi! my embroidery machine only fits the 4×4 pattern, do you have a seperate pattern for a smaller plush or will the face just be smaller on it?

    • Hello! There is a separate pattern available and a smaller 4×4 face 🙂 You can find the 4×4 sized face together with the embroidery files, and you can find the smaller pattern templates at the end of the embroidery instructions.
      I hope that clears things up!

  2. Hi! I love the design so much and want to try and make these with my friends! For reference about how much did each bat cost in materials for planning purposes? Thanks!

  3. thanks for the pattern! found your website just in time for spoopy season!

  4. Bonjour , Est-il possible davoir les explications en Français, pour fabriquer la petite chauve-souris svp . Est-ce gratuit ?
    Je vous remercie pour votre réponse.

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