Pre-2014 Update!

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that today is the last day to use your coupons from the Bat Hat giveaway as well as the free 10% coupon for everyone else 😀 This particular day was chosen because it’s pretty much the last day you can order an item and still get it in time for Christmas in the United States ^-^


It looks like the coupons from the giveaway went over really well, as most of my stock is gone! XD I can’t wait to hold another giveaway like that — it was a blast! So thanks you guys for all the amazing support for my new items! I hope I was able to provide some awesome things for your holidays or just wintertime in general 😀

While I may be running low on hats and hoodies, you might still want to use your coupon on my recent update of the 2013 Sushi Plush Pattern Collection ^-^ The listing now has all the sushi plush patterns from over the past year, so you can get caught up in anticipation for the 2014 premiere! I’m working hard on the new patterns as we speak >w< So I hope you all are looking forward to seeing them!

4 thoughts on “Pre-2014 Update!”

  1. Will this stay in your esty store indifferently or is it a christmas sale alone?? Right now I don’t have the cash to buy it but I would love these patterns. I made your store a favorite so that I can get back to it in two weeks… (Pay day).

    1. The patterns will definitely stay in my store from now on 😀 Since the year is almost over, that’s going to be pretty much the only way to get them ^-^ I’m glad you like them, and I hope you get to enjoy them soon ♥

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