You Guys Did It! 1,000 Followers!

You Guys Did It! 1,000 Followers!

I just wanted to pop in and say thanks to all of my awesome email subscribers and followers! Because of your unprecedented amazingness I’ve reached over 1,000 followers on my website! Thank you all so much! >w<

Just as promised, I'll be starting up a new giveaway as soon as possible 😀 I'm finishing the prize up at the moment, so you can probably expect to see the launch this upcoming Sunday or Monday so I have a nice full week to let all you wonderful peoples enter 🙂

In case you're wondering how long it'll be until the next giveaway after that, here's what the numbers look like:
DeviantArt pageviews: 86,287/100,000 = 86%
DeviantArt watchers: 3,367/4,000 = 84%
Tumblr followers: 689/1,000 = 69%
Facebook likes: 1,109/2,500 = 44%
Wordpress followers: 1,002/2,500 = 40%

So it looks like DeviantArt pageviews is likely the next milestone that will crop up 😀 100,000 pageviews feels pretty far off, but I do have a huge prize planned for that one ^w^ and it is hard to say how long it might take to get there, you never know sometimes when something you post on dA will become immensely popular >w< It could be 6 months, or even as little as 2! Either way I'll be ready!

So thanks again everyone that's gone through the trouble to follow me! I appreciate each and everyone one of you, and I look forward to posting lots more awesome stuff in the future!

5 thoughts on “You Guys Did It! 1,000 Followers!

  1. Your stuff is so amazing! I noticed a lot of jackets on your Deviant Art site… do you sell these at all? I didn’t see any in your Etsy store.

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