The Nyan Cat Quilt-along Week 2

So here we go, hopefully you have your supplies (at least the weeks 2-5 supplies) – we start sewing today!
As you might remember from week 1, we’re not doing this quilt pixel by pixel, but rather block by block to save both time and fabric. Today we’re sewing section C1; that’s the star in the upper left corner of the quilt 😀

035 - Floppy Disk Coasters

The best way to handle dealing with several random square shapes as we go is to start by cutting strips with your rotary cutter, ruler, and cutting mat:

For section C1 you’ll need strips of:
• 5” wide dark blue cotton
• 2” wide white cotton
• 2” wide dark blue cotton
If you have the fabric for it, go ahead and cut long strips of each size, as we’ll be using these again in the following weeks to make more stars and sky.

When your strips are ready, you’ll be following this guide to sew them together:

So you can either cut the squares as you need them and go along with the chart so nothing gets mixed up, or cut them all ahead of time and arrange them accordingly. Either way, save your leftover strips in bags or something similar if you like to keep yourself organized and have the stuff ready for next week!

You’ll need:
• Dark blue: 6.5” x 5” (2), 8” x 5” (2), 3.5” x 2” (1), 5” x 2” (1), 2” x 2” (3)
• White: 3.5” x 2” (4)

All the different numbers and letters are assigned to make the assembly straightforward. Simply sew the numbers together in numerical order until they form one group of that letter, then sew the lettered groups together in alphabetical order. Remember that, like most quilt patterns, we’re using a 1/4” seam allowance. You can press the seam allowances however you like, but I prefer to press them open.

In this case, its:
1. Sew A1 to A2 in a horizontal row, then add A3 to the top and A4 to the bottom
2. Sew B1-5 in a vertical column
3. Sew C1 to C2, then add C3 to the top and C4 to the bottom
4. Sew group A to group B, then add group C to create a row

And your finished section should look like this! The block should measure 15 1/2″ wide and 11″ tall.

And it’s that simple! Of course, each week the sections get slightly more complex and add more colors. But with any luck the number and letter technique makes assembly easy for you all!
Stay tuned next week for our next star field: section A1!

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